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11316C1VRX/K Bios
投稿日 10月1日 04時54分 投稿者 Benedek Frank

Konnichiwa minna san,

Nohongo ga sukoshi wakarimashi, gomennasai. Eigo ga daijoubu desu ka?

Sorry, I would like to ask for help please. I have a Vaio C1VRX/K, and I tried to install Windows
XP. I downloaded BIOS file for XP, from this website.

When I flash the BIOS, laptop died. It doesnt work anymore, only shows black screen. I took off the
Bios Chip, but I can see it is a Fujitsu 16Mbit = 2MB chip. File on the website is only 568KB. That
means that it is only upgrade, not full BIOS. I need full BIOS, so I can repair my BIOS chip.
Please help, I cannot find in Europe. Only Japan possible. I contacted Sony Vaio Japan support, but
they dont help.

And can you give me advice, where to find used C1 pasokon? Or where can I buy motherboard for my


ベネデク フランク より。

benedek.frank at synovate d0t c0m

11317Re:C1VRX/K Bios
投稿日 10月1日 04時57分 投稿者 Benedek Frank


ベネデク フランク より。

11320Re:C1VRX/K Bios
投稿日 10月3日 16時51分 投稿者 supervixen

Sounds like a cruel accident.
If I were you, I will make a search for the broken part from any auction website like below.
But exhibitors almost don't have overseas shipping service.
Therefore, if you are a foreign inhabitant, it's too hard to get your hand on.

11322Re:C1VRX/K Bios
投稿日 10月4日 03時10分 投稿者 Benedek Frank


Thanks, yes I looked there already, but I couldnt find one so far, except a complete new machine. I
do not wish to buy a new one. I heard, that if someone has the same laptop, C1VRX/K, and the person
would do a "phlash.exe /bu", it would save the BIOS image, and that would save my laptop. Would
someone be nice to me and save a BIOS image, so I can flash my BIOS with? Or can I just find the
file somewhere online? My limitation of Japanese is very bad, so I cannot research. I ask your
help, please.

Yes, I am not in Japan, so they cannot send unit to me. I am in Hungary.

Arigatou gozaimasu

Benedek Frank